Marvel Vs. Capcom Anybody?

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I was just wondering if any of you guys have any Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash Of Super Heroes wav, wma, or mp3, files? If you have them great! Post them here for me would ya? However if you don't have any but know where I can find them please link me so I can recover them. For the most part I am looking for all of them but I would just be saticified with Spider-Man's, Chun-Li's, Hulk's, Ryu's, & War Machines theme songs... Mostly Chun-Li's though. MAX Thanks! Image hosting by Photobucket


Oh one more thing it has to be Marvel 1 not 2. (:))


I know this is a stupid question, but does anybody know where to find roms for Final Burn alpha at?
I figured if anybody knew, it would be here.
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Hello there!

Well, I just joined your community. *waves* I kinda had to. Who doesn't love Chun Li? (Chun li has been my nickname for over 8 years now @.@ don't ask..)
Anyways, I might as well throw out a question. You all think we'll get Capcom X Namco? I sure hope so, but liscensing might be sticky...

Chun-Li Fans....

I LOVE miss Li I love her grace, her style, her leg muscle, her attitude, everything about her I love. But you know what else I love about her...


My favorite super is the Kikkosou. (X-MenvsSF) It's done with such grace. I also favor the air demon. (MvsC) Who else besides me has a favorite Chun-Li super? It can be any of her super's from any game. What is her best (:))
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What's goin' down

I've been messin' around with the layout on this community. It shouldn't look that much different. There's not much you can do without a paid account...

Anyway, In game related news...I finally got to play Tekken 5 last week. It was pretty cool. Not what I expected though. While speaking of the game, anybody know a fast way to earn "money" on this game?

I recently saw a picture of the new Playstation whatever the hell they're callin' it, and I've got to say, the controllers look re-goddamn-diculous. On the other hand, the X-Box 360's lookin nice.
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this may be old news

Namco X Capcom! anyone?

what we know:
.It's an RPG from the developer of Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga
.It will use characters from both the Namco and Capcom universes
.It is said to have a roster of over 200 playable characters
.It will not only be sprite baced but use 3D graphics aswell

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