April 3rd, 2005

Rogue - Dodsons

more soul caliibur 3 info

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taken from http://www.blood-sports.net/

More details are coming through on Namco's latest announced project, Soul Calibur III, coming from the game's official Japanese site.

We now know that for the first time in the series, the game is actually hitting the US and Europe BEFORE Japan. Although no date was announced for the US and Europe releases, the Japanese version is expected to be released in the Northern Hemisphere's Autumn (Fall) so expect it in the US and Europe before then.

We also now know that unlike SCII, SCIII will not feature any bonus guest characters, despite the fact that the development team have had numerous offers by third parties to have their guest characters included. This is probably largely due to the fact it will be exclusive to the PS2, but Hiroaki Yotoriyama (the game's producer) did mention that "they don't want to do the same thing twice".

Finally, it has been revealed by Yotoriyama that SCIII will NOT feature any online play.

"At the current time, the online infrastructure is extremely different between countries, and there's people that can't enjoy network gaming. We've decided to concentrate on improving the game's offline content and its characters so that people all over the world will be able to have fun."