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this may be old news

Namco X Capcom! anyone?

what we know:
.It's an RPG from the developer of Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga
.It will use characters from both the Namco and Capcom universes
.It is said to have a roster of over 200 playable characters
.It will not only be sprite baced but use 3D graphics aswell

Is that Jen from Tekken? Why YES! it is!

movie- http://streamingmovies.ign.com/ps2/article/600/600380/namcoxcapcom_wmvlow.wmv?wu=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.ps2.gamespy.com%2Fmedia%2F726%2F726493%2Fvid_1082409.html%3Fmu%3D%3CURL%2F%3E

(fast Edit)
heres a bit more on Namco_x_Capcom:

Namco_x_Capcom will have two unique modes of game play Active Point (AP) mode and Multiple Assault (MA) mode.
AP mode looks and plays just like your standard turn-based strategy game, but with a minty aftertaste. Players will carefully contrive and assign actions to their fighters on an overhead map that Striking resemblances to Final Fantasy Tactics. A mode on the other hand is where most of the action is. After players have positioned allied characters nearby in AP mode, MA takes over allowing characters from both Namco and Capcom to join forces to unleash Single and Multiple Strike attacks in a 2D fighting plane.


Also if anyone has any idea on where I can find these guys in the US feel free to tell me.

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