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Kill zone
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any thoughts?
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These are...in game? Even if claimed as, it won't look this good. Remember the emotion engine talk and the old guy's face?

NOt saying this isn't sweet! It kicks the Xbox 360's ass in my opinion.
looks more like a boomerang than a bananna to me. At least when you toss it in rage, it will come back!
Wonder if that's what the designer's were thinking...
from what i hear.. when the next ps comes out... it will be more powerful than the xbox360
Those games look good, but they do not blow me away (I liked Devil may Cry 3, but Kill Zone and the Getaway are no franchise's to get excited about.) I'm going with the 360 because of the games. It's all about the games.

DOA 4, Virtua Fighter 5, DOA EXTREME BEACH VOLLEY BALL, Full Auto, Tomb Raider, Perfect Dark Zero, and HALO 3!

Besides I can't get down with those Boomerang controls. They look too big and clumsy.