da_spida (da_spida) wrote in kikouken,

Marvel Vs. Capcom Anybody?

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I was just wondering if any of you guys have any Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash Of Super Heroes wav, wma, or mp3, files? If you have them great! Post them here for me would ya? However if you don't have any but know where I can find them please link me so I can recover them. For the most part I am looking for all of them but I would just be saticified with Spider-Man's, Chun-Li's, Hulk's, Ryu's, & War Machines theme songs... Mostly Chun-Li's though. MAX Thanks! Image hosting by Photobucket


Oh one more thing it has to be Marvel 1 not 2. (:))
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I read your profile and you are too cool for words sir
A complement too awesome for even me. Maximum thanks! I really appreciate it.
i have mvc sounds, but i'm not sure which one it is. it's not music, just sounds.
Oh really? Heh, sorry pal I need the music. But thank you for your efforts.